Excuse me but can I be with you for awhile?


I guess I can’t be. No, it shouldn’t be guess coz apparently, it is too rather obvious. No drama involved, it is hard reality. And realisation is unacceptable for most of us.


On the other part of my unusual self, this is just pushing it back to the sub-conscious mind. Why do we really need to think about it when there’s no point in asking what happened?


That’s it.


Nobody knows what happened. It could have been his and my fault for all we know. But as it appears no point in asking; it is called reality. We have to accept it.


As it becomes a potential reason for partial psychological defect, eventually, it will die. The optimistic person inside me died long, long time ago. This blog might be losing its purpose and I am still toward that not-so-shining-and-shimmering-person, then again, I am prepared for this.


No more believing in words… I guess I just let myself fall into that.


So back to work, and enjoying men’s attention… J

~ by Es on 22 April, 2009.

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