25 Random Things About Me

10 avril, 2010

Underneath it All – No Doubt

1952; Sydney +10

Since i would not be using any other site to post blogs, this would be my permanent one.

25 Random Things About Me

  1. Bookworm. I was coined as such in high school. It made me look smart, but I am not a geek. I just have this inkling to read everything – even the slightest detail.
  2. I was a vegan – with the emphasis on the past tense. My ex thought it’s always hard to take me somewhere I can eat.
  3. For ages, I have insomnia. I always have a hard time sleeping. I could be lying in bed for 3 hours and I still can not doze off. Plus, I can stay awake for good 3 days without sleep.
  4. since i graduated highschool, they considered me as a nocturnal person. but i wake up as early as 4 in the morning, even if i sleep late
  5. Plus, I tend to get hyperactive whenever I lack sleep.
  6. when i was a child, my grandmother (father-side) made a toy out of me. she’ll take me to places, introduce me to her friends. and they would ask me questions. Smartalec that i was, give funny answers that at this point, would keep the old ladies entertained.
  7. Most of the time, I am cynic.
  8. I don’t do sports. I don’t know why.
  9. we tried to bury my cousin who’s German when we were kids because he cannot speak English nor Tagalog.
  10. Evil.
  11. Loves music. It sets mood, it makes me think clearly.
  12. I eat street foods.
  13. Loves walking. Lately, I use it for exercise. But I do this to relieve stress before.
  14. Tea drinker.
  15. Hate morons and some bastards who knew a little of something and pretending to be God-All-Knowing.
  16. Hate jeje mons.
  17. Alcoholic – not! I used to be one, but since work consumes time, I don’t get to drink that much.
  18. Majority of my friends are male the remaining part are gays and few girls.
  19. nobody knows that i am extremely patient. tremendous amount of it.
  20. Loves to dance.
  21. Plays the guitar, the bass, and drums.
  22. I can be an arse to most people I don’t know. But sweet to those who know me.
  23. Have deep respect to those Filipinos who are proud to be one, and to those people who respect us.
  24. Always trying to defy the theory: “you cannot do 2 things at once”
  25. So much more than a regular babe.

~ by Es on 10 April, 2010.

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