Corporate Shit.

Miserable – Lit

1337h Sydney

i have been working my ass off since 5 in the morning. come to think of it, you being promoted doesnt necessarily means that you’ll enjoy every bit of it. i know i dont. i just turned out to be a glorified version of a corporate slave.

at this point, i know i am sooo sleepy.  i do not need to tell myself to feel it, my bones and my body says so. the report i’ve been reading stopped at page 9. it hasnt moved since 7 – no plans of reading.

im not a big fan of summer but i want to be off somewhere. it could be a place where i can chill and diss all the idea about work. havent had a holiday for years now… dang.

i just hate mondays and all the stress it’s giving me.

~ by Es on 12 April, 2010.

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