pahtey – dabaw style

got back at 3 in the morning from pahteying last night with mah boys. it’s funny coz it really has been awhile since i saw them. they havent changed much! i thought i’ll never get to miss all of them since we call and send sms to each other all the time… but i missed Ging and his usual stints.

we were hanging out at Arcimon’s since i came (around 8 pm, i guess). they were so excited with the idea that i might be visiting davao frequently because of work. i am not that ecstatic. coz it means more of this. im at work right now, technically, i havent slept.

oh well…
Gudo says: good vibe, pahtey fun.
apir, man!
Ging says: it doesnt matter. all of us has to work in the morning.
well, i work +2 hours of your time, thank you very much.

Banex: let’s do this tomorrow night, then.
yes, sir.

and all the boys are there. i miss you all!!!!


~ by Es on 15 April, 2010.

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