post pahtey

yeah.. that’s right.

after i got back from davao, it has been pahtey all night long. as if i dont have work at 5 in the morning. the hell do i care if i reek of alcohol when i get to work? only Manong Guard at the 6th floor can notice that. oh yeah, the parking-lot guard, too.  whatever.

i missed pahteying like this. it has been awhile. thanks to that Dr.Ex of mine, i cant be with my boys, or even the gerls. he hates the fact that i get to enjoy my friends when he cant. nor, some people would even drop-by at the office just to invite me for lunch. yeah, Dr Ex, i have countless of friends and im sorry but you aint included.

it’s already wednesday and dang, im back to being alcoholic in no time. no, i am not an alocholic, im only thirsty.  i’ve been hiding from Cris and his very demanding invitation.  it’s around 5:30 on my watch and now he wants us to have breakfast. as we werent together last night. hay…

no baby. see yah tomorrow. let me sober down.


~ by Es on 27 April, 2010.

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