oops. not me! some recent events that happened that caused the title as such. everything was such a failure. and i am not talking about work. this is the other life that i lead.

call me bitch coz i know that i am.

i just hate people who thought they know everything. if only i can say “think twice before you open your mouth, or dont talk at all” but i cant.

my head hurts from all the things that you did. yes, dear. this post is all about you. i should be done bitching at work but you asked for this. you are an avant garde poseur that would never – ever listen to whatever we tell you. you thought you are cool. oh yeah, you’d be coolwhen you are buried 6 feet under.

oh well. you are a pig. yes, Mr Esser.


~ by Es on 25 May, 2010.

One Response to “…failed”

  1. so, so evil. you don’t disappoint star! 😀

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