The Bitch has Landed

Can somebody tell me why most men have their brains in their balls

Sick and tired.

That was my understatement for last night, since i have to attend this important party at work. dammit. sick of men drooling over my exposed chest area. tired of getting indecent proposals.

Do i appear as sex starved?

my boys knows that i am do not screw someone who is not my boyfriend. and it stays. hopping from one partner to another is not my thing. if i ever caused your penis to hardened, great. but no, i would not be going with you to “Someplace quiet” or ” a place where the two of us could talk privately.”

When does “no” means fuck off?

hey Angelo, do i sound like i am joking when i tell you i am not interested? Who cares if you are charming and good-looking? you are not Wentworth Miller, so don’t expect my panties to drop in your front. you are not Johnny Depp for me to go to your bed without questions. So what if you have this pimped cars? Havent i mentioned that only McLaren F1 can strip my bitchiness. Why should i be interested in your out-of-the-country trips? Why should i give you this attention just because you flaunt things? i get you, you could flash. however, i just want you to fuck off! please!!!! is that two letter word so hard to understand?

i really hate corporate parties…

now, why do I whine?


~ by Es on 1 June, 2010.

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