the davao-hangover

Song for Clay – Bloc Party

1046h Sydney

so she sat.

as she looked in her watch, the only thing that it gave her was distinct and relatively non-sense readings of time.

and she doesn’t need that, does she?

her brain started to say “well…” and with the ellipsis coming along. she took a deep breath. deeper than what it was several minutes earlier when she took it.

and she relatively hate repetitions.

but there’s nothing else to do, right?

* * *

and what if he could just get out of here and start being productive?

it is possible. knowing that he could really do whatever he needs to do. but for him, need is relatively different from want. and what he need is not what he wants, does it?

there goes the brain again.

he tried to shut it off while he keeps on staring on the blue background of his computer. but whenever he is trying to shut his brain out, his senses were shouting “NO!” yeah, why should he do that? doing that means he cannot leave this place immediately.

* * *

the watch said it’s already 6:30. too early for her to go home. too early for her to accept defeat. too early…

everything were correct on her end. it should be perfect. but all of the mistakes that somebody did before were coming to get her. and it wasnt her fault. that was her comforting thought, if that was supposed to comfort her.

she just want to stay immobile. and bored.

yes, she preferred being bored instead of being a person she afraid she would become if she continue doing these things.

the soft sounds of rain soothed her. as well as the song from Rage Against the Machine on her mp3 player. at least she knew she can still hear. at least she still can realise.


~ by Es on 2 June, 2010.

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