floating… decaffenaited version

Iisa – Gary Granada

1440h Sydney GMT+10

Migraine was killing me earlier. Now, stupid people bore me to death.

I don’t know what’s with these people. Something that I loathed the most is repetitions It is necessary to repeat things when: 1. Vague statements 2. There are lots of barriers (language, noise, etc), and 3. You missed it and the need to go over. And I attend meetings that keep on repeating. It’s like a bad record scratching on my head.

Yes, in this position I am handling right now, I meet a lot of people; all sorts of presenter and facilitators. It should start within… then hearing this person speak in front of me, I want to slide down on me seat. They said that getting the attention of an audience is pretty hard. Especially if the crowd is diverse and you know yourself, that if you’re one of the attendees, you wont listen. I often ask to myself, what if I am one of them. What would the facilitator do to make me listen? I should never resort into repeating myself.

With bad presentation, bad speaker, and really boring meeting, I should have ducked and dissed the post-it’s on me table regarding this. It’s wasting my time, and I should be taking my lunch already.



~ by Es on 7 June, 2010.

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