They are Bound to be a Sell-Out anyways

The Roots – The Seeds

1624h Sydney

it gets very, very tiring.

you try to go to the same gig with the same band, same crowd, same sounds. so i tend to drift apart. yes. it gets very redundant, very tiring for me. i am a person that hates repetition. i do support bands who tried so hard to create a music they call they own.

but why do they sound like each other?

it gets very irritating, to say the least. yes, i attend gigs to help friends who were playing. and then what? i want to satisfy my senses this time. long were the days when bands play just because, nevermind the bollocks, they said. now they want approval of people who dont appreciate music. my auditory senses could be falling off any moment if i continue to listen to some non-sense music. and i dont like that.

hence, i’ll go back where i started.

~ by Es on 15 June, 2010.

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