napupuno pero
tao lang pero minsan

daig mo pa ang ahas
ano’ng klaseng mukha kaya
suot mo bukas?

daig mo pa ang ahas
kaninong pwet kaya
hahalikan mo bukas?

-i dont know what’s with the song, but since we played it last night, it hasnt left my brains yet. i am still humming to the tune even before i went to sleep.

*      *      *
my ever-reliable ipod Greenie died – no! i mean, he just stopped doing something. he was always docked inside Wabaki (the Civic-SIR), i stopped bringing him in public places. it could be one of the reasons why. or jealousy.

the bitter/better- half  have  another ipod player (iTouch). and i need it for monitoring purposes-slash-music player inside Lex (Jazz). he wants to add blingy stuff for Lex since he is uses it for work. i said he is merely showing off. he had the in-dash cd player, i cannot understand why does he have to buy an ipod (well, it has been set-up, we have an LCD inside, plus Blaupunkt audio system).

and i havent been using Wabaki since i work. there’s no need for me to use him since we are trying to save (meaning, even if the SUV’s are gas-guzzling machines, we carpool). the last time we used him was when we need to go to Tags and we were showing him off…

the better-half said, it only means one thing, we have to use him as often as we could. right…

*     *      *


my eyes is starting to get hurt.

this is due to lack of sleep, i know. i ever wondered when was the last time i really slept at all.


i dont know what’s the problem with my system. tilted, up-turned, shattered, whatever.


~ by Es on 23 June, 2010.

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