Interpol – Evil


it’s really irritating how people think that they’re superior over someone. like this for instance:

i went to BPI, Cash and Carry branch. there were 2 women who’re ahead of me. Manong Guard politely greeted them but they just ignored him. my turn, i greeted him with “good afternoon din po.”

then he asked, “magwwithdraw kayo, maam?” which was a question to those who came in first, i guess. and i said yes. he then pointed out the 2nd ATM and he said “pang-deposit lang po kasi yang isa” which is the 1st machine that you’ll see when you get in.

the 2 women were there. trying to put in their card. and they overhead Manong Guard explaining to me what happened.

so the 2 women thought they can cut in the line. Manong Guard said “nauna siya sa pila” and pointing to me.

“nauna kaming pumasok di ba?” woman 1 acidly retorted.

“tinatanong ko kayo kanina kung magwwithdraw kayo, hindi niyo ho ako sinagot” Manong Guard answered.

“nauna pa rin tayo pumasok” woman 1 said trying to cut me in the line.

“nauna na ho siya kasi…” Manong Guard said.

woman 2 looked at him from head to toe and said “hindi kita kinakausap”


i mean, Manong Guard was just doing his job. he was being stupid and polite, to begin with. who cut them from the rest to say it? Dahil ba mataas ang sweldo nila sa isang gwardya?! pero kung titignan mo naman, naka pang saleslady uniform naman sila!


~ by Es on 21 September, 2010.

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