Trust. it’s not your contraceptive

I Used to Love Her – Guns ‘n Roses


Have you been so down before that you already stopped believing in your faith? Or you already stopped believing in yourself? Have you tried helping a stranger without thinking twice?

I rarely watch any TV shows nowadays. Whenever I would sit or lie down to watch, I always fall asleep, even getting on-line, it still makes me sleep. Yeah, it felt like I have narcolepsy. But just last Friday, when I could sit and watch any shows, I stumbled upon to a channel named “BIO”. The show is called “Random”. I got interested; I never thought it would turn me emotional.

Their featured story is about a guy named “Steven” whom they met in NY while picking random prospects in the street. Steven lost his job and was about to get evicted from their house. When the Random crew met him, he was in the brink of killing himself. According to Steven, it’s really hard getting a job, even with an impeccable resume. He is already in his 50’s.

The Random crew went to his house, where he has a “shrine” for his daughter. Everything inside the house would be left there when they kick him out. It was heartbreaking, seeing a man cry his heart out because he tried everything to get a job but no one is hiring him. His daughter and him was bound to go to a shelter in less than 15 days if don’t get a job.

The Random RV crew did their best and searched everywhere just to get even an interview. Steven had an interview at Zen Tango; unfortunately, the restaurant is not hiring. But when a door closed, there’s another one at the back that would open. Luckily, a school-slash-restaurant caught their attention and he landed on the opening as a sous chef.

I almost cried when Steven said “you are angels in hell” to the Random crew. He stopped believing in God and himself altogether. He thought something strong conspired for him to experience everything he has been through. But all it takes is trust and belief. Never say “never” unless you’ve crossed the bridge yourself. And it doesn’t hurt that much to trust another person when someone failed you already. Who knows, the ending is rather different than what you have in mind.


~ by Es on 2 October, 2010.

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