Monsterbott – Sapa

Rock and roll died couple of years ago… you’re just not aware of it.


Yeah, it is deafening. People like you who thought you’re listening to rock because so far, it’s better than pop what you hear over the airwaves. It has been years since I listened to NU again. What I was hearing was unlike what I grew up listening to.


I can’t remember how old was I when I started listening to NU. But one of my fondest memories was when Put3Ska sang Birthday Holiday, live and acoustic. It was indeed, my birthday. Those were the days when you say it’s NU rock, you can guarantee that it is. It was my reason to listen to the radio. Apart from LA had reformatted, too.


The radio station died few years back; I thought it no longer exists. Not until my brother posted an Independence Day session 2007 on Multiply. I know OPM rock still exists; I didn’t know that the station was still here. The DJs that I listened to, those people who really know what they’re talking about were replaced by some Wiki-genius personas.


We were expecting the death of this institution. It just happened to be a lot earlier than expected.

~ by Es on 25 October, 2010.

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