Memoirs of the Evil Queen

Awit ng Kabataan – Rivermaya



The NU Rock Awards 2010 was fun, epic, and sad…


Mixing these emotions while I was half drunk, staring at the stage and seeing the NU DJ’s, staffs, and the band was like… priceless. Hey, it would be the last NU Rock Awards that I could attend to; plus the fact that the songs played by the bands that night was unlike the previous rock awards. The songs would bring back memories from your childhood, happy moments, regrets – and all other experiences with it.


Like what I was always saying, I stopped listening to NU several years ago since the music they were playing does not even come close to what I always hear before. I would just tune-in as a sort of “running out of options” moments – say, my music player would be running out of battery and I could just play the fm radio features. The last time that I listened to was back in 2007. After the Rock Awards, I went on hiatus as being their listener. Then since I would listen mostly on weekends, where our requests would be played, I resumed listening to them. Met several DJ’s too – Shannen, Kim, Francis Brew, and Cyrus.


As what I told my nephew, I grew up not fond of watching the telly. We have nights when all of our siblings would watch. But we’re not really that hooked with it. But we listen to the radio frequently. When my siblings were cleaning the house, they would play the radio with volume turned up. Even on studying, we could focus more while listening to music. Thus, the attachment to music.


The earliest memories that I have listening to them was when I heard R.E.M,’s “The One I Love” – coincidentally, the first song I played on guitar when I was 6. Then the list would go on… even my most favourite one: Put3Ska sang Birthday Holiday live acoustic version, on my birthday – it was 1994.


Now, I missed hearing Zach and Joey in the Morning (even the song as their intro) and their hilarious tandem and Not Radio hosted by Myrene. Those segments were what I usually listened to while I was on my ‘pre-adolescent’ years. Then the Independence Day sessions were so much fun.


Everything was all good…


But good things would always has to end.


Now, instead of doing stupid things, I would just rather say Maraming Salamat! I learned to choose between what I want to listen to and which bands to patrionise. NU is also part of my life’s soundtrack. I met new people who eventually became my friends… and most of all, learned that ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!




To all of the NU listeners, this is what I have to say – God bless you all. And as for you bastards in charge, don’t dream it’s over. Years will come, years will go, and businessmen will do fuck all to make the world a sellout place. But all over the world, young men and young women will always dream dreams and put those dreams into song. The only sadness on the 7th is that, in future years, there’ll be so many fantastic songs that NU will not be our privilege to play. But, believe me, they will still be written, they will still be sung and they will be the wonder of the world. [edited from The Count].



~ by Es on 30 October, 2010.

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