The Truth Behind the Scene



i have no sleep today. the coffee i drank last night might still be in my system. Now, i am paying the price of that caffeine that i had. but heck, i enjoyed hanging out with my old friends. Nothing beats good conversation!

Now, Clifford, Horhe, and I were talking about how bad the music scene is here in ‘Pinas. No disrespect on K-pop; some people dig it, most of my friends and i do not. What’s sad is, if you go to record bars (the big ones), those striving independent artists/bands (im dissing the fact of calling them indie as some people might regard them as genre) has a little or sometimes, no space at all. And the fact that we have a very shallow audiences over the air waves. The people would listen to whatever they would be fed with. Hence, very little support from the crowd – if that’s what you call it.  

Like with Cliff’s point, major record labels would find it viable to sell KPOP’s EP or like they call it “mini album” as opposed of doing the same thing for OPM bands or artists. Economically speaking, more people has the means to buy the EP since, it is cheaper. The major record labels would rather have the bands release a full-length album, which is costly. Can you see their point? All i see is disgust from my end.

Classic Pinoy thinking… better than a crab. Hey, music scene is stll business afterall. If there’s anything else that we could do, let’s support our OPM band, or any artists out there. At sa mga nagsasabing Pinoy Pride, hugutin sana kayo ni Francis Magalona sa hukay. Mas inuuna niyo pang bilhin ang mga gawa ng Koreano na hindi niyo naman naiintindihan kaysa sa mga kababayan niyo.

Here goes a better analogy: masses would prefer drinking a hefty Starbucks coffee since it is “in” rather drinking the local kapeng barako.

You can never outshine the STAR

~ by Es on 16 March, 2011.

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