Argument about my vices


Drink and Smoke

As early as 11 years old, i learned how to drink Vodka (thanks to my dad). Halfway through middle school, I started smoking. Those two vices are the things that up to this point, I really cannot answer if I would quit. Recently, I cut drinking. This was a big turn of my life for this year so far. After starting 2011 at Iloilo with endless drinking sessions with Nancy, somehow it feels like i am getting tired doing it. During college, i used to drink everyday, it has been cut to occasionally – that means, whenever my Gutterbeer friends are complete.

Smoking on the other hand. there’s no contest. It would be harder to give up. Drinking was for socialising, and on the other hand, smoking is both for my work, socialising, and coping. No, I would not quite. Not just yet.

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~ by Es on 24 April, 2011.

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