Happiness, is a Warm Gun (cover) – The Breeders

7 mai, 2011




I am not sure if i have heard this song somewhere. Anyhow, have you felt being disconnected? 

My half evil sistah, Myan and I were discussing how hard it is to be disconnected to our virtual world. The Gutter people were my virtual friends and family. Of course we do see each other, but the bonded existed because of a chat room. We are wired, connected, and used being like this. Have you tried removing your life support?

We learned the IntraNet, missed the handshake of a dial-up connection. The connection went from slow-as-molasses to lightning speed. We appreciated the DSL or CABLE connection, then added wireless connection. When manufacturers cannot think of anything, mobile phones developed WAP to GPRS, and now HSDPA. Now, thanks to all those upgrades, we cannot live without Internet. Even watching series that we love depends on the connection. What seems to be a simple connection before, became too complicated. 

These days that Internet connection is not a luxury but a necessity to some (that includes me), a day without one would be hard. This is not because I would be disconnected to my social networking sites or blogs. I used the Internet to do my banking, my online work, and to study (i do photography online). Some of the members of my family lives abroad and our only way to communicate is through the Internet.

Then we had an outage (us tech support people refer to a network problem as such) occured. The first time it happened, it was perfectly fine. But imagine 3 days without a connection for a person like me. That feels like what an addict would have gone when they have this withdrawal process. My constant urge to update and upload was all of a sudden stopped. It was like going in full speed and hit a deadly curb. Huha. 

Then all of a sudden i realised, did my world just shrink into a mere virtual thing? Some would say that the Internet is a big world. Not to most of us, i met most of my friends over a chat room though. But  after couple of days going back to old ritual, i realised i should refrain containing myself in front of  a small box. This is too odd, though. My work involves sitting in front of the computer all the time – how could i stop? I called my routine an addiction.


~ by Es on 7 May, 2011.

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