Cryling Lady of Manila


Crying Lady

Yesterday’s Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the PCSO anomalies was not a deja vu. But it almost did. Flashback during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the Garcia-Ligot-AFP anomalies (which lead, some would say, to the unexpected suicide of General Angelo Tomas-Reyes), we saw Erlinda Ligot, on her tears, unable to answer the Senator’s queries. We heard her husband, General Jacinto Ligot, repeatedly invoking his constitutional right against self-incrimination.

And there was a second installment yesterday. Former PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriarte cried unabashedly and asked the Senators to spare her family from the investigation. And she has repeatedly plead her silence and invoked her right against self-incrimination when asked about the “bigger fish” behind this mess.

It started when Uriarte was asked about the controversial Php 325-million intelligence fund of the PCSO, citing that any statements she would give to the Senate will be used against her in the plunder charges filed on the Office of the Ombudsman.

It is once again proven. Refusing to answer the Senators’ questions and repeatedly invoking the constitutional right put one into a public impression of being guilty and hiding and protecting someone bigger.

Who’s this bigger fish? Who is/are orchestrating all this anomalies? Or as a Metallica song would put it, who is the Master of Puppets? Not unless these persons point out the ‘big boss’, we will never know. I just hope that they will not be another Angelo Reyes who will bring their secrets to the grave.

Senator TG “Galit Sa Buwaya” Guingona stated that there is sufficient evidence for Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to explain her side at the Office of the Ombudsman.

But will she speak? We all know that the Moled One has a vow of silence. And the only instance that we heard her speak was her insincere and infamous “I am Sorry” during the height of “Hello Garci” Scandal.

If only a veritaserum is available to let truth come out from these scoundrels. Will you please give us a truckload Professor Severus Snape?

By the way, though unflattering, I’m not mocking Gloria Uriarte on choosing this photo. I have been searching the net for a more decent photo but this was the only one who will compliment my post.

Kudos Manila Bulletin! You have done this again. The last time you did this, according to my recollection, was when you featured then-Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez when the House found probable cause to impeach her. Picture perfect. The photographer deserves a Pulitzer prize!

I hope this country will soon be cleaned of all this mess.

God save and bless the Philippines.

Viva Filipinas! Padayon! 

(Read more: Ex-PCSO execs opt for silence)

Crying Lady


~ by Es on 15 July, 2011.

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