2011 Retrospect

What – Soft Cell


Penny and Jem Seeing for the First TimeMy 2011 in retrospect

♥  Made the best decision in my life which is knowing when to quit. I pondered sleeplessly at night whether or not i should quit my previous work. I asked God for a sign if the decision i am going to make would help me, and He did. Quitting from being a Technical Support representative made my life less toxic.

Got a job in a field that i know best. This is spontaneous since i dont know which path should i take after deciding to quit. It took me 2 days to land on this job that i am doing right now. This decision made me feel better.

Strengthen lost ties. After years of not seeing each other, my highschool friends and I decided to reunite. And it is one of the best nights that i had.

♥ Happy that my sister got married. I never thought that she would get married since i know how she was when it comes to responsibility. So with this, I know that there could be great miracles.

Saw my sister i have not seen for 20 years. After she came back, it made me miss her more.

Photography made me feel better when i feel alone. 

♥ Stronger family. No need to say more about this


I have always been grateful with everything i have. These are the things that i never asked for but received eventually. I am ready for what 2012 has to offer. It might be more exciting than what i had last year.

~ by Es on 2 January, 2012.

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  1. rock on starlet!!!

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