It is More PUN in the Philippines

BB King and Eric Clapton – Help The Poor

disclaimer: i am a proud Filipino and these DOT proposals irked me that’s why i created a post.

Department of Tourism (DOT) released on Thursday a new slogan to boost the market. The tagline says “it’s more fun in the Philippines”. What caused the commotion was not the lack of originality or the rhythm of the line, the content is inappropriate for most Filipinos. There is more to this line and it seems that the authorities in the department did not even see the big picture.


More what?

Why am I against the new DOT marketing strategy? What did this slogan implies?

Personally, i detest this strategy they picked. There is a need to boost the tourism in the country. However, like the traditional Filipinos would do, we have to clean our backyards before we invite guests. This is what i learned from my mother handed for generations. With this said, it seems that the officials and the people who created the tagline did not hear any of this tradition at all.

There is no point in enforcing positivity in their agenda. The country is in bad shape right now. If i give a list of what is more in the Philippines, here’s what i have to say:

● Impoverished people



This is not descriminating the our needy citizens. Our government spends too much budget on things that would not help the leas fortunate, or even the entire country. If these people were even supported by the government, this picture would not look like this.

● Hungry children


Seeing these kids always break my heart. Most of the time, these kids also pester tourists and keep on asking money. I blame their parents and the officials who sit on deciding to pass the reproductive health (RH) Bill. We need these young kids to understand the consequences of having unwanted pregnancies or even unprotected sex. But of course, less people woyld mean less voters for these politicians.

● Road that needs repair problems



It is proven that good roads lead to a progressive country. This give way to more things: transport of goods, workers, and tourists. Yet most officials would use roads to increase their budgets, thus, the roads were repaired with substandard materials. This way, the officials can ask for more budget next year.

● Undisciplined commuters


The traffic condition in the Philippines, especially in Manila keeps worsening. Commuters are undisciplined and adds problems in the street. Development in a certain area needs discipline amongst its people.

● Airport that charges hefty terminal fees


I really cannot understand why airport authorities have to charge you with these terminal fees. If you can see improvement with the facilities, then it is good. But seeing the condition of these airports and being tagged as one of the worst airport in the world means these fees that passengers are paying goes nowhere.

● Petty and major crimes


There are too many crimes in the Philippines that foreign countries passed a travel ban. Even our citizens are not safe, what more these tourists we are trying to get?

● Traditional politicians


These politicians made our country’s condition worst. Most of the time, they would spend millions with their political campaign and once they win, they will strategically funnel these losses from government funds. Sometimes, even those who did not succeed in winning can still get money from the government, by being an appointed head of a department. What makes it funny, most of them are not qualified for these positions.

● Religious leaders who can control a government 


These religious leaders can pick their candidate and give them an opportunity to win. Their words are laws to their followers and disobeying can lead to expulsion in their sects. It is curious, why these leaders became filthy rich? I thought preaching the Word should detach them from worldly needs.

● Kris Aquino


She is the youngest sister of the president. The youngest of the Aquino can make the world stop if she involve in a controversy.

It is always easy to find faults for us instead of positive things. This is a human psyche and addressing these problems would leave a long-lasting impression not only from the tourists, including the citizens of the country.

The authorities always look at the bigger problems if there is any. They always cover up the pre-exisiting issues that we always have. Addressing these issues would lead to a better cimmunity and a place where tourists can come and go without a problem.

PS: DOT also uses pictures taken from photographers without permission at all. Local photographers are charged $40/hour in a certain tourist spot for photoshoots and foreigners are charged $10 without time limitations.

DOT uses the pictures and not allows us to take photos at all. Shame on all these people.

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~ by Es on 8 January, 2012.

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