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The headset on my ears is now giving me a headache. Oh wait, i think it’s not the headset. It also feels like my tummy is drilling something. The time shows… WTF?!?! I missed my lunch!

i have been working on these articles from eleven until now. I though editing was fun. These writers are giving me such a headache. I need to vent yet the two men beside me were too absorbed with their work too. So much for a Friday madness, eh?

Katsuo has been constantly playing since eight, i noticed missing such music. I went back to my music that i havent heard in such a while.

Take a peek at my list:

● Rage Against The Machine – Bullet in your Head. For some reason, blaring music always makes me focus.

The Faint – The Conductor – i was still in college the last time i heard them. Not only it makes me want to dance, the entire Danse Macabre album makes me feel drunk. Lol

Sublime – Bad Fish – They never fail to make me happy.

Alanis Morissette – Forgiven – She introduced me to anger. And she lost it with her Acoustic album

Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm – I keep on humming to this track earlier they thought i was talking to myself

Pearl Jam – Corduroy. I love his voice as much as much as i love their band. This remiYnds me of my Pasay days.

Foo Fighters – Everlong. I also love Dave Grohl and his band.

For some reason, these music makes me reminisce my childhood. Then i come to realise that they dont make this kind of music anymore and what the radio play these days are bunch of crap.

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~ by Es on 10 January, 2012.

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