Effin Overworked?

Overnight Celebrity – Twista feat Kanye West


It does feel good that the website i am working for couple of weeks is now finished. It went earlier (i guess later?) today and majority of the contents are products of my brain. Oh yes, i do feel proud with this achievement.

There were nights (yes, i consider it as PM since my working hours is EST) that i cannot sleep because i have been thinking about my work. With my previous job, overtime is an obscene word. We always want to pull the time so fast so we can go home. As opposed to what i am doing these days, i dont want my day to end. Or even if the clock strikes 5 am, it just only means that i have to feel the urgency for my pending work. The workload amazed me as it keeps on piling up. Oh well, i can now focus on the things that i nearly forgotten.

I have learned how to weigh things according to its urgency. My lifestyle is more fast-paced than a call center environment. This is multi-tasking at its best. I have a good training ground with my past life. But nothing can beat what a content editor is doing with multiple web sites that i am maintaining.

From internal posts, to SEO-related articles that we need to manage, we have to make sure that the fluidity of the schedule matches with our quota. The only problem is, majority or our writers are freelancers. This should not affect any of our websites, though. It is necessary that we have to be fast-thinkers and have a quick backup plan just in case something bad happens.

Anyhow, i dont really mind my toxic worklife these days. I am even enjoying what my busy work is giving me. At least i know what, how, and when is my breaking point. And i can smile to the fact that whatever my deadline, it is better than answering calls.

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~ by Es on 14 January, 2012.

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