Bring on the Dancing Horses

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For my entire career, i realised that i never had a so-called normal life. I am not complaining, though. This is far from it; these are my musings. I cannot even remember when was the last time i lived a normal life – fine, i was never normal to begin with.


Genetically speaking, this unbalanced work-life runs in the family. My entrepreneur brother have clients who are + (plus) or – (minus) his time zone; my eldest sister who used to work in a bank spent 6 days and 12 hours at work every week; and my architect sister is too absorbed with her AutoCadd designs that she usually forgot to go home.

The only consolation i got was knowing that i am not the only one who works like a dog. Most of my friends who work in call centers would agree that their jobs asks too much of their time: working irregular hours, on holidays, on weekends, and even at ungodly hours.

Since i shifted careers, i did get a semi-normal life. These days i experience holidays and fixed weekends off. I still prefer to work at night since i am unproductive in the mornings. It dawned on me that i became a more responsible person with my new job.

i cannot think of an example of being responsible in my past work since this word coincides with being present at work all the time. With my new career however, i learned how to think out-of-the box and even 10 steps afar.

This new work taught me in making a decent analysis. The best lesson though was weighing decisions depending on their urgency, deadline, and compromises. These are the same words for work-ethics, by the way.

I had been entrusted with projects that are like alien for me. I learned all these things since there are expectations – either you life to it or suck yourself up.

I was asked if i have been fulfilled with my new job. Monetary fulfillment would make a call center agent happy until the week before the next pay day. The pay was gratifying since we all need the money. And like the saying goes, we work to live.

A Chinese proverb said:

Love your work.
If you don’t love your work,
Learn how to love your work.
If you tried to love your work,
And you still cannot love your work,

I learned from this saying that regardless of how big you earn, if you do not really like what you are doing, it is pointless.

I enjoy my stressful yet gratifying work. Bring it on!

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~ by Es on 21 January, 2012.

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