An Open Letter to the President of the Philippines

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“…it takes one to know one.”

An open letter to the President of the Philippines:

I am proud that I did not vote you as my president. I picked someone better than you who could have done reforms for the government without blaming other people, nor trampling other people’s business.

An open letter to the President of the Philippines

With 2 years on the position, what have you achieved? You keep on promising a “BETTER FUTURE” to your constituents but where is it? It would take some time for changes to take effect, as what the saying goes; but how long these hungry and homeless people have to wait before they could see these changes?

Do you want to know why I did not vote for you? Mr. Aquino, you were such a big joke. And until now, I still find that you are such a clown.

Have you ever created laws about anything at all? Your cabinet members’ keeps on feeding you information. And what are you doing, dating? Staying up late and playing a gaming console? Looking for a luxury car? If my president only considers himself, then we should know where this country is going.

One of the weirdest thing, you keep on lambasting the so-called corrupt officials but your own cabinet members have their own graft and corruption cases. Like what the elder people says: clean your own backyard first. Oh wait, of course you would not know that. You never cleaned anything in your life, I suppose. And this is the first time you would try to clean in your life by catching the big fishes.

You were supposed to be intelligent, being schooled in the most prestigious schools in the country. But can we eat your achievements? We need actions and long-term goals with the solutions to our countries problems. Where are you?

Why do you keep on talking about Chief Justice’s impeachment case? The Judiciary and the Executive branches of the government are separate and no one, let me repeat, NO ONE should meddle in their affairs. The Senate is already doing its job, so please do yours.

Like what you have done being a congressman and a senator, YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING.

Please, spare us the bullshit and work like what the majority of the people paying you are doing.


Honest Tax Payer of the Philippines


~ by Es on 21 February, 2012.

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