EDSA: 26th Year of Ignorance

Morrissey – Suedehead

“I am so sickened to know…”


I stopped what I was doing at work to write this post, which is so very unusual to me. If I let this moment pass, I might forget what I was thinking.


Tomorrow is the 26th celebration of the so-called EDSA.

EDSA: 26 Years of IgnoranceUp to now, I really don’t see what changed for 25 years. Maybe I am too young to see what horror the Martial Law did to our country. But with the mythical freedom that everyone assumes, you would barely see that for 26 years, there’s no improvement.


I was often asked what I did for my country. Have I done something to keep ranting?


I am proud to tell everybody who asked that I am an honest taxpayer. These taxes are what the cunning government officials would corrupt. The money that what we are paying came from staying up late at work, being endangered while working, and even going to work while there’s bad hurricane in Manila.


For 26 years, have you felt that this country improved?

EDSA: 26 Years of Ignorance

What this so-called freedom produced are cunning businessmen who have found loopholes with the 1987 Constitution and keep on finding ways how to funnel money out of their consumers. Was out lifestyle like this during Martial Law?


If we check the lists of cities around the country that are improved a lot and have been flourishing, we would notice that these cities are the ones with the ruthless government officials. Take for example Davao City; this city is known for their mayor who does not really care what other people think. This is their town, abide their laws. This goes the same in Marikina and Makati. Filipinos are known to be hard-headed and we need someone who could discipline us.


We may have this freedom of speech since during the Martial Law; men were killed by telling the truth. This is the only good thing that this EDSA celebration gives. Nothing else.


I paid my dues, the government officials elected by my countrymen is not doing their job. If we keep on trying to pull ourselves up, these people are pulling us down. Even our president have not done anything, at all.


The ones who hated the Martial Law are the country’s most corrupt government officials. It was not the people. You cannot say that majority of the people were there in EDSA, that’s merely 2% of the population. Now, there are less-educated children who would not understand their history and would be able to change it.

EDSA: 26 Years of Ignorance

This is what you are celebrating: your children’s ignorance. Very well done.


~ by Es on 24 February, 2012.

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  1. Amen!

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