Sweet Escape

I am extremely excited. This is the first time Rod and I would go into an out-of-town trip. And we’re heading to Boracay!!!!

Not really a big fan of the beach, the sun, or the sea. But this trip is making me excited.



My friends knew that i am not really a sweet nor romantic person. I rarely enjoy something like this before. But i think, when a person grows older, their preferences would change too.

I read somewhere that you’ll get to know a person even better when you travel together. Maybe that is true. I call our trip Sweet Escape since we both have a very stressful life. I keep on telling him it’s some sort of a consolation that we would escape whatever burdens we currently have – even for 3 days.

Let’s see what Boracay has to offer. 🙂


~ by Es on 20 November, 2013.

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