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Sublime – 40 Oz of Freedom

Disclaimer: This post is not suppose to ridicule anyone.

Today’s issue of homosexuality is prevalent here in the Philippines. A common misconception is that members if the 3rd sex are now free to be more open about their gender. The media can talk freely about it; however, little did they know, they are still ridiculed.

Gay Pride


Do they deserve this? Did God really say in His Holy Scriptures that it is a crime to be homosexual?

I have a big respect for all the members of the 3rd sex – open gays or lesbians. It is really something coming out of their closet and bravely go out in the world where they would encounter people who could abuse them in all sort of ways: physically, mentally, psychologically, and even spiritually.

Here in the Philippines, it is common to see that homosexuals who were mistreated by their families – especially by their fathers. With this said, it does not stop them to be a good provider. My homosexual friends are always the ones who supports  their families. Either they send their siblings to school or they support their entire clan. They even support their less-fortunate friends.

In our society though, it doesnt matter if you fred the mouths of the millions. What matters is that what most people think. In return, homosexuals are still abused for being one and their good deeds forgotten.

I asked couple of my homosexual friends: what are they thinking whenever someone abuses them?

Their answers were similar, they just let everything pass. They keep doing what they started and moved on with their life. A friend who is in advertising said that he would not get rich if he sulk. Their consolation is their friends and families who accepted whoever they are.

This post is for my homosexual friends: lesbians and gays. You make us proud conquering the world with a different kind of bravery. I guess world peace would start if all people accept everyone regardless of their gender for whatever they are and whatever they are not.

Be out and proud!

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Sublime – 40 Oz. To Freedom

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Sublime – 40 Oz of Freedom

A 40oz to freedom is the only chance I have
to feel good even though i feel bad

Sublime – 40 Oz. of Freedom

Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On Remix Feat. Nelly Furtado

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From Tom Raider Official Soundtrack

Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On Feat Nelly Furtado

Bloc Party – Say it Right (cover)

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I can’t say that I’m not lost and at fault

I can’t say that I don’t love the light and the dark

I can’t say that I don’t know that I am alive

And all of what I feel I could show

You tonight you tonight

Bloc Party – Say it Right (Nelly Furtado Cover)

i love this band♥♥♥♥

Bring on the Dancing Horses

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Garden Fresh – Cheese
For my entire career, i realised that i never had a so-called normal life. I am not complaining, though. This is far from it; these are my musings. I cannot even remember when was the last time i lived a normal life – fine, i was never normal to begin with.


Genetically speaking, this unbalanced work-life runs in the family. My entrepreneur brother have clients who are + (plus) or – (minus) his time zone; my eldest sister who used to work in a bank spent 6 days and 12 hours at work every week; and my architect sister is too absorbed with her AutoCadd designs that she usually forgot to go home.

The only consolation i got was knowing that i am not the only one who works like a dog. Most of my friends who work in call centers would agree that their jobs asks too much of their time: working irregular hours, on holidays, on weekends, and even at ungodly hours.

Since i shifted careers, i did get a semi-normal life. These days i experience holidays and fixed weekends off. I still prefer to work at night since i am unproductive in the mornings. It dawned on me that i became a more responsible person with my new job.

i cannot think of an example of being responsible in my past work since this word coincides with being present at work all the time. With my new career however, i learned how to think out-of-the box and even 10 steps afar.

This new work taught me in making a decent analysis. The best lesson though was weighing decisions depending on their urgency, deadline, and compromises. These are the same words for work-ethics, by the way.

I had been entrusted with projects that are like alien for me. I learned all these things since there are expectations – either you life to it or suck yourself up.

I was asked if i have been fulfilled with my new job. Monetary fulfillment would make a call center agent happy until the week before the next pay day. The pay was gratifying since we all need the money. And like the saying goes, we work to live.

A Chinese proverb said:

Love your work.
If you don’t love your work,
Learn how to love your work.
If you tried to love your work,
And you still cannot love your work,

I learned from this saying that regardless of how big you earn, if you do not really like what you are doing, it is pointless.

I enjoy my stressful yet gratifying work. Bring it on!

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Ben Folds Five – Army

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citing artistic differences

the band broke up in may

and in june reformed without me

and they’d got a different name

Ben Folds = Army 

i love this genius. 

Ben Folds = Army 

i love this genius. 

Not Another iOS Versus Android

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Coltrane in Motion – I Forgot There was a War On

I was reading Steve Wozniak’s interview when he was seen at a Galaxy Nexus’ launch. Mr Wozniak is one of the founders of the computing giant, Macintosh (more likely to be called Apple). Like what he stated, “he wished his iPhone can do a lot of things that an Android can do”

Not Another iOS Versus AndroidPersonally, i was one Apple fan… until i stumbled into an Android phone. That made me switch my preference and i preferred using my Samsung Galaxy over an iPhone. What made me change?

  • I bought a phone so i can customise it. I always prefer customization without the need of jailbreak applications.
  • Faster apps. With my phone’s RAM, a regular iOS phone would eat more dust than it should.
  • Better in geo-location. More Filipinos would think otherwise, though. Yet most these Filipinos are ignorant on how ip-geo-tagging works.
  • There are more options for the users. There are lots of apps in the Market that can be used to any phones – for free.
  • Sharing at its best. I can share couple of things over my computer, my sister’s phone, and anyone’s low-end phones for that matter – without the use of any iTunes or file explorers.
  • My screen is huge. With this, i can see my phone’s screen better knowing how blind i am.
  • More options for mobile brands.
  • Android features are not proprietary.
  • i love the open sources – that Steve Jobs always try to shut down.
  • My camera app is waaay better than Instagram (like i always say).

However, with these in mind, i did not include the nerdy and geeky comments i noticed with Android. Most of the people who enjoys an Android are considered as such. The features of an iOS device is too saccharine and too constricting for me – considering with how i use my gadgets.

The limitations of an iPhone made me switch. But i still love their Mac computers which is always way better than Windows.

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